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    PrintDataGrid with item renderer

    Glen Morgan
      Is it possible to use an image item renderer in a PrintDataGrid? As of know all the text data will print but the image is ignored.

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          dimival Level 1
          I think it is possible, i needed to print something using itemRenders (not image though) and it worked fine, i passed the itemRenderer to the PrintDataGrid and it worked fine.

          What i do is that i create a copy of the original DataGrid's columns, and i pass that copy to the PrintDataGrid and it worked
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            I've been working with Glen on this project.

            Unfortunately we have done basically the same thing by setting the PrintDataGrid.columns = DataGrid.columns - the grid pulls all the data correctly, and resizes the height of the rows to accommodate the image, just doesn't display the image...
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              We're having the same problem. Additionally we have datagrids within datagrids and the parent datagrids aren't handling height properly. Often there are miles of whitespace between parent DG items.

              We're wondering if perhaps it has to do with latency in the rendering of the datagrid. Like maybe the datagrid completes rendering before the image loads and before the child datagrid completes and thats why both the image is missing on printouts and the height is fudged.
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                designis Level 1
                You can embed images, you just can't include them dynamically. perhaps you can selectively display or hide images that are embedded.