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    Zooming in on one layer in After Effects


      I desperately need step by step instructions on how to zoom into the child sitting in the window. This composition is an animation, I have a bunch of layers but I specifically want to zoom into the window as a track motion/camera effect. I REALLY do not want to scale every layer larger one by one, because I have approx. 15 layers. Please help! I've extremely new to AE.

      Screenshot 2014-10-04 13.00.37.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are two options here but both will only work well if your layers are vectors and continuously rasterize is enabled on all of them.


          First option, Select your comp in the Project Panel and then Right Click or go to File>New Comp from Selection, collapse transformation on the nested comp, use the Anchor Point tool to move the anchor point to the center of the child in the window, then animate scale.


          The other option is to select all your layers, make them all 3D and add a camera to the comp then animate the z position of the camera and the Point of Interest so you move into the window.


          If your comp is created with raster images (jogs, png's or video) then you will loose quality as you move in on the child in the window.