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    Music Video


      Hi there, experienced shooter, relatively new to AE.


      I've shot some nice footage in a skate park. I took said clips into AE and duplicated them, blended them, creating interesting colouring. I used animated 'Bezier Distortion' on the top layer, which created a really interesting colouring effect, especially when the corners fold over. It is interesting because it produces a sort-of 3d of colour which evolves. The Bezier/corner thing however feels really obvious and **** to me.


      I'd like to achieve similarly interesting evolving colouring, using a more original and interesting effect. Interesting mask shapes?? Am I even making sense?!




      pw is 'sample'


      Pointers will be greatly appreciated,


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          squidkings Level 1

          I would suggest you just animate the effect you like. To animate you drum down the Bezier Distort effect and add keyframes ever couple seconds and adjust the settings on the distortion and After Effects will change though the distortions you've adjusted.

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            DD5D Level 1

            Cheers for the response. If you watch the sample I posted there, you can see the effect is animated. Since this though, I have been able to create something less obvious and more sophisticated looking using echo and audio generated key frames, animating various other parameters. I'd still like some tips though. Script for inspiring animation movements. Keep the suggestions coming folks!

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              squidkings Level 1

              OOPs didn't notice your password line. IMHO the best thing you could do rather than making your video a effects on parade video would be to animate the window to the beat. Im not sure if there is a tutorial on line but its simple enough: Use the help animate menu to process the bass pass filtered soundtrack to make a series of keyframs on bass only soundtrack. Rubberband all those keyframes and paste them in the distortion effects line in the comp view. If properly done the effect will be a mix of what you have and a speaker cone movement.

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                DD5D Level 1

                NIce one, thanks. Rubberband sounds good. In the latest progression I've been rotating the window and such.   I guess I'm concerned with creating interesting mask shapes which evolve in interesting ways. I'll post my latenow for a look. Thanks again

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                  DD5D Level 1

                  So, in terms of effects, here's where I am right now. Masks animated and processed in various ways to the drums tempo/rhythm


                  Private Video on Vimeo


                  pw is 'pw'


                  Cheers forum,