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    Missing TOC, frameset - not generating correctly

    LolaLittle Level 1
      I'm returning to Robohelp X5 after many years. I've inherited a project - it seems to have used WebHelpPro as the Primary Layout. I made a local copy of the entire folder and started to investigate how things are set up. I tried to generate to the WebHelpPro and WebHelp formats but the start page does not get created. So.... I created a whole new project. Can't remember - is a frameset necessary or does the Default skin take care of adding the TOC, header, etc? I tried with and without creating the frameset - still I only end up with the topics, .ALI, .CSS, H File, JScript, LNG, XML Document in the Output folder - the TOC is not in the output folder.

      When I generate a CHM in the copy of the real project and in this new test projec I get the TOC - but I can't get it to appear for Web Help. I am not getting any errors during compilation. What am I doing wrong? Please help.