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    Elements 13


      I didn't get all of the download from Elements 13.  Now what do I do?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please explain.


          Are you in the process of downloading and installing the purchased Premiere Elements 13 or is the tryout involved?


          And, what is your program - Photoshop Elements 13 or Premiere Elements 13 or both? What is missing from your download?


          For the online download for the purchase, you need 2 files, exe and .7z for each program, specific for your computer operating system.


          An example solution, depending on your details...


          Go to the Adobe web site http://www.adobe .com

          Sign In with your Adobe ID and Password

          In the Search field on the web page, type in "My Orders" and follow the "My Orders" link to your specific order.

          In "My Orders" and your specific order, you should find an opportunity to download a new set of files.


          But the answers are in the details, so let us work out the details first.


          Thank you.



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            PRE_help Adobe Employee


            Are you saying the download is failing? When Premiere Elements 13 is launched, the download happens in the background. The content is downloaded into Programdata folder (Windows Key+R and type in "%programdata%\Adobe\Premiere Elements\13.0\Online" with the quotes into it and hit enter)



            Premiere Elements Team

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I have just seen PRE_help's reply to your thread.


              PRE_help is interpreting your question differently than I did....I thought you were referring to downloading program from Adobe; whereas, PRE_help

              is interpreting your question as to referring to Content download.


              If this is a case of Content download

              a. What specific Content download is missing? Instant Movie, Movie Menu, Titles & Text, Audio/Music Score, Graphics?

              b. How long did you wait for the missing content to appear in its particular location in the project?


              If your problem is with Music Score and Sound Effects under the Audio Tab, there is often a very delayed appearance of them after the program

              is actually installed. The answer has been to wait. They will show up. This approach has worked for many.


              Are you using the purchased 13 or the tryout? I am still will the tryout and have run into an interesting situation with regard to Audio/Sound Effects.

              With the version 13 tryout in Windows 8.1 64 bit, there are missing Sound Effects categories (Animals, Cartoon Effects, Foley, Technology, Weather).

              And, as per my own advice, I have waited for them to appear. It has been over 14 days, and they have still not showed up - under the Audio Tab or in the path

              Local Disc C

              Program Data


              Premiere Elements



              and, in the Online Folder, Sound Effects Folder.

              I am currently troubleshooting this issue.

              I also have the same tryout on Windows 7 64 bit and am not having this problem. All the content under the Audio Tab is there.


              Looking forward to the details of your situation for us to help you.


              Thank you.