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    The use of masks to cut a hole in a layer

    Markms Level 1

      Can anyone please help me.

      As soon as I thought I had got the idea of the use of masks to cut a hole in an image from a book on Photoshop CS6 I tried my own excercise only to find I could not get my idea to work:-


      1) Firstly I chose an image of clear blue sky as a background image.

      2) Secondly I chose an image of a duck set amoungst it's own background.


      I proceeded as follows:-


      1) I opened both images in Adobe bridge.

      2) Next I made a selection of the duck using the quick selection tool and saved the selection as a selection.

      3) I re-named the layer of the Duck, just Duck.

      4) Next I opened the image of the blue sky and named the layer sky.

      5) Next I went to windows,arrange, 2 up vertical to get two images on screen.

      6) Using the move tool and I shift clicked to align image of duck in the centre of sky image.

      7)Next I draged sky layer to the top of layer stack.

      8)Next I loaded my selection of the duck.

      9) Next I clicked on add layer mask at bottom of panel.

      10) I then painted with black brush to reveal duck underneath sky.


      Everything seemed to be working fine but instead of getting a picture of just theduct showing through the sky it appeared the selection was

      not working and it selected the whole of the image with the duck and it's background.


      Can anyone plase advise why and how can I correct my proceadure to get the correct result?


      I any of my trial excercise correct or am I just barking up the wrong tree and missunderstood how masks work!


      Any help would be most appreciated.