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    Tracing cfinclude's without seeing the actual .cfm page.. Possible?

      What i am actually looking for is a overview of pages included into a .cfm page with the <cfinclude> tag. I want to be able to know which pages are included without having to look in my .cfm file. I think, that if this is possible, it should be viewable in the "Debugging Panel".. But i cant find any option like that in there.

      Please let me know if this is possible....
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          If you have de-bugging turned on, you get to see not only the names of the files, but what line in the cfm file called the included file. You have to do some detective work to separate the cfincludes from the custom tags, cfc's etc. Here is a sample:

          Execution Time

          (31ms) D:\DW\dwtest\Queries\Application.cfm
          (172ms) D:\DW\dwtest\Queries\OR\AnaesDemographics\results.cfm
          · (93ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\system\TestDW.cfm @ line 8
          · · (93ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\system\TestDB.cfm @ line 10
          · (0ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\Dates\StartAndEndDate.cfm @ line 10
          · (0ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\QueryTags\QueryResults\CheckRecordCount.cfm @ line 67
          · (16ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\Templates\HSCreportpage.cfm @ line 77
          · · (16ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\Mail\dwmail.cfm @ line 160
          · · (0ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\CF_HierMenus\HierMenus.cfm @ line 174
          · · (0ms) D:\DW\CF_stuff\CustomTags\CF_HierMenus\HierMenus.cfm @ line 224
          · (0ms) D:\DW\dwtest\Queries\OR\AnaesDemographics\display.cfm @ line 81