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    How do I configure the custom external editor to work with Premiere Elements 13

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      I own Lightroom 5.6 and I'm experienced. I've just bought Premiere Elements 13 and I'm a video-editing virgin (be gentle with me). I've spent a day experimenting, reading, watching videos, I've tried asking my question in Premiere Elements forum, and I'm still stuck (i.e. I've tried reasonably hard to solve my own problem).



      I've tried to set up the custom external editor in Lightroom 5 to send photos to Premiere Elements, so that I can incorporate images into movies. Having set it up, when I use it by selecting Photo/Edit In/Premiere Elements 13/, there is an exciting lull as a copy of the image is created and appears in LR, then Premiere Elements launches, then what??? There is no clue as to what has happened to the image regarding its import into Premiere Elements 13. It doesn't appear on the screen, it doesn't appear in the Organizer, it's no-where to be seen, other than in LR!


      Resolution sought

      Can anyone tell me:

      1. Is it possible to use Premiere Elements as an external editor in LR5 ?

      2. What are the precise settings for each field (I've played with the various field options but obviously haven't yet found the right combination)?

      3. If I configure it correctly, what does good look like: what should I expect to see happen in Premiere Elements when I squirt photos over from LR5 via the 'Edit In' option in LR5?


      I don't know if this is relevant: MacBook Pro 16GB 2.8Ghz i7, 750GB SSD (i.e. plenty of space, plenty of horsepower), OS X 10.9.5


      I'm hoping the answer isn't 'sorry, it can't be done' because if it is possible, it would be a real contribution to my video editing workflow.