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    Why I have no sound in AE howbeit I have checked all the things which was given her for answers?


      Hi community,


      I have no sound on my video in After Effects howbeit I tryied all advices which I could found here?

      So this is my check-list:


      1) RAM-Preview not works

      2) By scrolling / shifting "0"-Key .....there's no audio

      2) Audio-sign is active

      3) I can see the wave from my video but I hear nothing

      4) ln the audio setup is all selected which is necessary (48.000Hz / 16 bit / stereo.......)

      5) After the render I can hear nothing too


      When I put the same video file into Adobe Audition or Final Cut I can hear everything.

      So what can I do?


      Please help me!

      Many thanks