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    Confused by Print Module Custom Package!

    Codebreaker3 Level 2



      I'm getting confused by the Custom Package in the Print Module.


      1.  I have the page setup as a 6x4 in landscape mode.  It appears on my screen as a landscaped 6 x 4.  I have two cells on the page each of 3.5 x 2.5 - side by side (3.5h x 2.5w).  The images fit in the cells correctly and it looks just as I want it printed.  I place the 6 x 4 paper in the printer (R2400) in landscape mode.  When I print, the result is the paper is treated as portrait and the two images are rotated to the extent that they both fit across the narrow dimension  - i.e landscape layout on portrait paper.  Definitely not WYSIWYG.


      2.  If I work with the page in portrait mode and page setup is set to portait then the resulting print is ok.


      So, why doesn't the landscape version work?


      LR 5.6

      Win 8.1