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    Testing in a local browser


      I am a Web Designer and I use Dreamweaver cs4 as my design tool. Recently I encountered a problem I have never experienced before.  In testing my web pages locally using iexpore 11 the strangest thing happens.


      The first page I put up locally renders perfectly.  But when I use a navigation button to test other pages of the same site each page comes up with a white background and verbiage only.  All design elements are missing.  I have tested nearly all of my clients site and experience the same problem.


      This is a sample of what I see:


      This is a sample of my index page, and it renders correctly.



      When I navigate around my sites the pages look like this sample.


      I have never  had this issue before and I have searched everywhere for a way to correct this problem.  I hope you can help me solve this.