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    3rd party messages to MacBookPro regarding Flash Pro Install


      @I have a MacbookPro and I have recently updated the OS to Maverick 10.9.5 form the original 10.6.8, a common OS for this generations of MacBook. I updated the OS because Snow Leopard was getting long in the tooth for a new Mac and I decided that it was time. Both before I updated and since, I am getting a page coming up in some of the sites I visit using safari that is telling me I should download Flash Pro. At the bottom of the page there is a message that says, the site is not affiliated with Adobe in any way. It claims that "top video sites require the latest Adobe Flash Player Update". and that "updating only takes under a minute on broadband - no restart required."


      All of that sounds wonderful and very appealing. There appears to be a Flash logo at the top of the page, yet there is the comment at the bottom that they are not affiliated with Adobe in any way.


      Any idea what that is? Should I be using Flash Pro? If so, is it a free download from the Adobe site itself. I think I might actually have tried to install from that site one time, unsuccessfully. To be honest I simply cannot remember. The Box had been coming up about once a week before updating to Maverick OS and just popped up for the first time since updating to Maverick this morning.


      Any advice...or information would be very helpful.

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          pwillener Level 8

          "Flash Player Pro" is not an Adobe product.  I don't know what it is, but I suspect that it will install some malware on your computer.


          Adobe Flash Player is all you need on your computer; you were right to be suspicious.

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            Hi jnug,


            'Flash Player Pro' will most definitely install malware on your system.  As Pat says, you were right to be suspicious and not install from this site, especially since the content on the page indicated the site was not affiliated with Adobe.  You can Google 'Flash Player Pro' and read all the stories of people installing this and getting malware, etc installed on their system.  If this thing keeps popping up on your system, you may already have some sort of malware installed on your system and you'll want to run a scan of your system to ensure it is clean, or if not, clean your system.




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              jnug Level 1

              Well I ended up leaving the malware page open and did a scan at that point. Both Norton and Sophus found it and Sophus cleaned it. for those interested it is titled as a Mal/phish-A


              I think it is coming in from one particular site that I visit. Be interesting to see if I ever see it again or if it will be blocked. As long as I can kill it.....some of these can't be killed, I may just have to tolerate it.


              When cleaning was completed the page itself disappeared. Always a good sign.