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    .NET compatibility

      We are going to be moving our application from Delphi to C# .NET. Does WebHelp work with .NET?

      We currently use CSH to connect to the F1 Help defintions on each field with a little program our developer wrote connecting the .ali/.hh files to the field Help Context # in Delphi.

      On edit: We are using RH5
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi tiptech,

          It most certaily does. Whether your little programme is going to work is another matter. You may want to get the developers to start testing that right away. I've always called topics via the topicfilename.htm rather then .ali files with .NET, so can't help you on that one.

          Good luck
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            tiptech Level 1
            Thanks! It answered one part for me

            Mergethis - our users want how to's in the field defintions via the HelpContext #s available in ali/hh files. Our product is very complex and has many parameters for setup that are affected by other parameters for security - therefore our field definitions need to be individual on each and every field when F1 is pressed. And even though I explain it in the help files, they prefer quick F1 information as to how that particular field/parameter works and with what other fields/parameter, that may be located only where an administrator can change it. But... I may not have fully understoond what was being discussed in the link to the other thread you provided.

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              MergeThis Level 4
              We don't use any mapping (ali or hh) files, other than the aforementioned formpath.txt file that maps to the project folder under mergedProjects.

              The developer's call looks for the matching name to the control field; if not found, it looks for the matching name to the tab or panel; if not found, it looks for the matching name to the window (form). They also created a FindForms.exe file to place in the application. When we press Ctrl+Shift+F1, we get an "Online Help Assistant" window with this information:

              Form Generic Help Page: CplTestSetupFrm.htm
              Tab or Page Specific Help Page: CplTestSetupFrm.tabPage1.htm
              Control Specific Help Page: CplTestSetupFrm.tabPage1.checkboxPreTrade.htm

              The app therefore looks for "checkboxPreTrade," either as a separate topic or as a bookmark within the CplTestSetupFrm.htm file. Not finding it, it will then "back up" to the Tab or Page Specific Help Page, and eventually to the Generic Help Page.

              This type of call allows for flexibility in your help; that is, you could start by only having form-level topics (as did we) but you could easily expand to control-level topics since the app would have all its calls in place. In addition, depending on your application, you could have the form-named topic for only the control field help, and another topic such as "Using the XXX Form, " which would contain examples on its usage, even other topics for related reference tables or parameters, etc. (This would allow you to keep the form-control-description topics to a manageable size.

              Good luck,