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    Premier 13 stops working when existing project is loaded (after uninstalling Premier 9 where the project started)

    Premiere 13 stops

      I started a project using Premier 9. Then I upgraded to 13, edited and saved my existing project several times successfully. Decided that it appeared 13 was working well and I no longer needed 9 and 11 (both Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements) so I uninstalled them using the Control Panel app. Now 13 stops working when I try to load my project.


      I have since uninstalled/re-installed/rebooted everything in various sequences many many times with no luck. I even purchased and installed another copy of 9 (since the original was a download and I could not find my notes & serial numbers)! The 9 install encountered a problem "an installation process has encountered an error while installing", it stopped, then rolled the install back so I have nothing for 9.



      Paul L