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    General inquiry to Flex users

      Howdy. I'm new to learning Flex 2. I'm wondering...is it common for most Flex developers to know more than Flex, HTML, CSS, Actionscript, etc? Do most developers also know some sort of server markup language like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc? Or is it more common to find the technologies spread between multiple people? Thanks.
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          jfillman Level 1
          Flex may be a bit harder to grasp if you don't understand object oriented programming. With Flex 2, knowing PHP, Cold Fusion, etc, seems to be one of the better ways of working with data in MySQL and other datasources. Flex 3 may change that, but those are only rumors at this point.
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            mholloway Level 1
            Out of curiosity I was looking at job postings for people with Flex experience. About 70% of the positions I saw specifically require Flex, Actionscript, XML, CSS and HTML experience, while the rest are really looking for someone who also knows either Cold Fusion or Java (seemed to be the two most popular server-side languages) as well as SQL.

            I know HTML, CSS, and some ActionScript from my experience creating Flash media web sites. My preference is to do less of the multi-media work and more of the code development, RIA, and eventually writing Apollo based applications. I see a much brighter future in this area compared to the multi-media side of Flash content creation. Maybe I'm just burned out and need a vacation.