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    Pop-up problem when Lightroom opens

    jimsanderson Level 1

      Anyone have this problem?  When I open Lightroom (latest addition) I get a pop-up that won't allow me to get into Lightroom.  It says "Server Busy"   "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.  Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem."  Then you have the choice of a Switch To or a Retry button.  Retry does nothing and Switch to takes me to my Windows 8.1 start screen. I have to go to task manager to shut off Lightroom.  Lightroom is the only program running.  No other additions of Lightroom are installed.  I does finally correct itself it you hit retry about 30 times, but it's a pain.



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          I'm having the same problem. I've uninstalled / reinstalled and it doesn't seem to help. I read elsewhere that windows search / prefetch had been associated with this - I've disabled both and it doesn't change the behavior.  If you find a solution, please post it here!  I'm using the latest version of Lightroom on a Windows 8.1 installation - newly built machine only 1 week old.

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            fisica3 Level 1

            Almost the same here, recently updated to Lightroom 5.7 and I'm still having the problem, at least after a few "Retry" I'm able to use Lightroom, but is a pain to have to wait for use it.

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              Nahum Reduta

              Used Creative Cloud to update from 5.5 to 5.7 and ran into this problem. After a few restarts, I checked Programs & Features and uninstalled 5.2, which was likely my original install. 5.7 remained installed, and appears to be running fine. No idea what server it was trying to reach.

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                Looks like is is an ongoing problem ..... I have never had 5.2 only 5.7 ...... and as of 20th feb 2015 ... I now have the same problem .... lots of people reporting the issue ... but no answer as to how to sort the issue .... Are you fixing it Adobe?? or is it something else thats causing the issue ...... I also now have an issue with PS CC not responding for about 5 mins when first opened  .... has to be linked ... everything was fine a few days ago