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    No way to turn off Previews in Image Size dialog?

    Roger Breton Level 1

      Never thought I'd be writing about this new feature here.

      Am I against "progress"? No. But I think the design of the Image Size dialog in CC would greatly benefit from a much needed, simple ON/OFF check box, to turn the dynamic calculations of Previews On / Off. I really do.


      This is not about graphics hardware performance or raw CPU/GPU processor speed, this is about recognizing that not everyone has the best, most snazzy RAM/HD/Drivers configuration.


      A simple check box in the Image Size dialog will go a LONG way to promote efficiency when efficiency is needed.


      Please don't get me wrong! I am big fan of the feature but I don't always need to have it turned on, and when I don't need it turned on, guess what?, it can be one heck of a damper on performance and productivity.


      Please find it in your heart, Mr. Adobe, to never sacrifice productivity on the alter or new features.

      Please consider introducing some kind of Interface Préférences in a future dot release?


      Best / Roger Breton


      Having used Photoshop professionnally for over 20 years, now, and teaching it with a renewed pleasure for over 15 years.