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    Unavoidable lag in After Effects

    David Flagg

      After Effects CS6 is experiencing tremendous lag for me on 2 computers. It makes it very difficult and time-consuming to get work done at all.


      Both of my computers are iMacs - the first one is the 2010 model with Snow Leopard installed, 4gb of RAM; the second is the latest model (just purchased) with Mavericks installed, 8gb of RAM. For both iMacs, it only takes a very small amount of footage, effects, etc. to get it to start slowing down. I usually work on the newer one for all work-related projects, but if I'm working on something as simple as a 5 minute long .mov with no effects applied to it, I have to keep the RAM preview at quarter quality and still have to wait around 10-15 seconds for it to render a single frame. Then I have to cut down my work time to just an hour or two to prevent my machine from overheating itself.


      I often like to use the paint effect to add details to my projects. I've noticed that on my new iMac, applying about 30 paint strokes on a white solid and then waiting for about a minute will cause After Effects to bring up the error message "unable to allocate memory", so I have to shut the program down. None of my other programs do this. I've used everything from Photoshop to Maya to even Minecraft with little to no RAM trouble whatsoever, but After Effects is different. It's as if it has zero tolerance for even the slightest hint of using up memory.