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    JPG fine in Photoshop but error in After Effects: "The file format module could not parse the file (45::36)"

    rgames5 Level 1

      I found a lot of discussion on this error in Photoshop but I'm getting it in After Effects.  I have a sequence of JPG images created by photoshop (output is RGB in sRGB color space) and it appears one of them is causing problems in AE.  There are several hundred images in the sequence, all created from PS, and only this one is causing problems.  I've re-created it several times in PS and the error persists.  I've also re-created several others and they're still fine.


      I've seen other comments that the issue is with incorrect file formats and CMYK color space.  I've confirmed that neither of those is my problem - the file is JPG straight out of PS in RGB.  Also, there are several hundred others that are just fine using the same process and "save as" properties...


      Any help?