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    I believe that renaming all photos in a folder while previews are being generated causes LR to lose previews that weren't yet generated

    renaming photos&previews

      I have been re-organizing my photo collection.  This involves renaming folders and also renaming

      the photos in each folder. 


      I had earlier problems with previews, so I had deleted the previews.lrcat file and restarted LR.

      This *should* cause LR to re-generate previews as I visit each folder.


      But I discovered that if I rename all photos in a folder (using a present) while LR is in the

      process of generating new previews for that folder, then LR "gets stuck" with many previews

      not generated.  That is, all LR will show for those photos now in Library mode is a gray

      preview.  It doesn't help to "wait longer"; they stay gray.  The only "fix" I know of is to again

      re-delete previews.lrcat, and to try to remember to wait until all previews are generated

      in a folder before renaming the photos in that folder.


      This appears to be a bug.  Renaming photos should not cause LR to get confused about the

      status of whether previews are generated or not.


      Any suggestions for a better workaround?