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    BLUE interface could be changed ?



      In the new after effects 13.1 version, the color selection is blue... Before, i could remember the color was yellow, no ?

      Is there a solution to change this blue color ?


      Many Thx,


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          I'd like to change this back as well; or at least have the option to switch back and forth so I can make the change when I'm ready.

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            bsbeamer Level 1

            It would be nice to have the option to change the interface tool colors, much like the rest of the appearance is customizable.  I'm not loving the blue right now, but have been used to the yellow for how many years now?  At the moment, I'm just hoping I can scrub audio again!

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              clsgrafik Level 1

              The blue is not bad... but we will like to have the choice...

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                {KMS} Level 2

                I'm not a fan of the blue...it's too bright.  It could be a bit more subtle.  I would love the ability to choose my own color.  Also, why are the tabs for the comps so big.  Compared it to CC 2013 and they are much taller now.  Waste of space for a program that works with layers.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Keep the feedback coming, folks. Please be as detailed as possible, so that we have all possible information with which to make this as good as we can.

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                    LukeLetellier Level 1

                    It'd be quite nice if we had control over the color of the selected panel's outline. For instance, if I click within the 'Project" panel, it gets a bright blue outline. If I select something in the composition panel, that gets a bright blue outline. Being able to customize the precise hue & brightness of that outline would be very helpful.

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I don't much care for it either. I have to run AE with the look set much darker than I would like to have it to make the blue work at all. It's still annoying and way out of harmony with the other elements in the UI. That's all I have to say on the subject.

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                        I find the blue very hard to see. I regret downloading the update. Please give us a way to change it back to yellow.

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                          "I find the blue very hard to see. I regret downloading the update. Please give us a way to change it back to yellow."


                          Same here.

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                            scattar Level 1

                            The blue is far too bright to the point where it is distracting and doesn't seem to sit well at all with the interface. It needs to be toned down.


                            Switching back to v12 for until this is sorted.

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                              scattar Level 1

                              Also, why does middle click not temporarily default to the hand tool anymore?

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                                Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                                I'm pretty much unable to use the updates with this blue as they stand.


                                It's not a like / dislike issue.  I can't read it - pure and simple.


                                Reverting back....

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                                  nullsebasvideo Level 1

                                  I like the blue, but I don't know what they were thinking at Adobe in making such a drastic change and not give users a simple preference to choose between this blue and the dark yellow it used to be.

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                                    SiliconPixel Level 1

                                    Not really a fan of the blue either - just doesn't 'seem' right. Far to intense I think.


                                    +1 for the option to set the UI highlight/accent colour - that would be great.

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                                      Jockw1234 Level 1

                                      I don't like the blue color on the text and frames. It gives a very sharp and cold feeling. A bit hard on your eyes. I would like to have the old color scheme back. And the text boxes has too much contrast. Overall, all this distracts my eyes from whats important, the comp window. Everything around the comp window should be really subtle. As it is now, it burns into my eyes and stays there for a couple of seconds.


                                      A bit too much space wasted on the tabs as well.


                                      I find it a bit hard to understand how these changes got through to release. I could easily been avoided with quality control in the production.


                                      A bit too many mistakes and bugs recently I think.

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                                        nullsebasvideo Level 1

                                        Jockw1234 wrote:


                                        A bit too much space wasted on the tabs as well.


                                        That's actually a good change, and I heard many people like it as well. And the blue is great, as long as it has the option to choose between the two, or more, like Bridge which has about 7 different highlight colors.


                                        One change that is terrible and unnecessary is the change in the AE icons in the project bin, they made everything black and white, for what?

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                                          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                                          I produce a lot of conference graphics. 


                                          If I presented my clients with a dark grey background and thin Congo blue text, they'd reject it out of hand and suggest that I was retrained!

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                                            Jockw1234 Level 1

                                            I agree with the black and white icons. Very hard to see the difference between them now. Totally unnecessary.

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                                              Wish this was customizable also. Requested this as a Feature to Adobe. This looks hideous and decreases readability. Yuck

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                                                Peter J Kovacs Level 2

                                                I really like the blue... it makes the important parts stand out more. The entire After Effects interface is generally very cluttered so now I can quickly find the setting I want to modify at a glance.


                                                But yeah, would be nice to allow to adjust this in the same way we're allowed to adjust the overall interface brightness.



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                                                  melat3mg Level 1

                                                  I thought it was just ugly at first but now I find that the longer you look at it, the harder it is to read. It starts to blend in with the BG, and I after a while I have trouble keeping it in focus.


                                                  The yellow was perfect AND was aesthetically pleasing.


                                                  (& yes, I did write a "bug"report...)

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                                                    DESIGNbySAFIY Level 2

                                                    LOL so I'm the only one that likes it then

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                                                      Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                                                      the blue UI is not usable for me. besides the disharmony of the blue color with other color elements and other contrast issues,

                                                      It makes too many features pop out screaming for attention.


                                                      in a software where disorienting can happen rather easily - UI features should try to make things simpler and not more complicated

                                                      i.e - tone down things you don't need to look at, and focus on whats important and not sharpen and focus on everything at the same time.


                                                      here follows a couple of examples to what I had just stated:


                                                      stopwatch- is brighter then other blue elements - why? once you know it's there you don't really need

                                                      to look at it so much. not like transformation values for instance.


                                                      is the stopwatch more important than the values?


                                                      too much contrast in the toggle and checkmark windows (swatches, parent column etc.)


                                                      recent version


                                                      the contrast in the swatches, A/V features and other boxes makes everything sharp and detailed making it hard to focus.

                                                      the swatches and other check mark boxes are much more contrasty . it just makes everything to sharp and distracting while you work


                                                      another example


                                                      too many colors instead of simplifying things and toning down the mess.

                                                      now everything is highlighted making it actually hard to focus because there are too many details.

                                                      instead of focusing on the graph editor, my eyes go to every other detail:

                                                      stopwatch icon, work area bar. the highlighted graph editor switch.....


                                                      recent version


                                                      now I can focus on the graph editor and transformations.



                                                      I find that if I make the interface a bit lighter it's a bit better. but still very annoying.

                                                      this is the contrasty version


                                                      YIKES - especially the position values. not that clear and readable. the stopwatch

                                                      on the other hand is screaming for attention. why? its not that important once

                                                      you know its there.


                                                      brighter version


                                                      a bit better on the position values. the contrast is lower on other parts so things like the stopwatch and timeline bar

                                                      don't scream so much


                                                      recent version

                                                      yellow.JPGnow this is much much better wouldn't you say?

                                                      it is back to 13.0 or 12.2 for me...

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                                                        Jockw1234 Level 1

                                                        I agree with everything Yooofi says. The old UI is much better. But the old UI is in need of an overhaul.

                                                        I would like to have it much cleaner.

                                                        Do away with all beveled checkboxes (done in the new UI but way to contrasty)

                                                        Cleaner font

                                                        Remove the gradients

                                                        Remove the thin frames and use subtle color variations instead.

                                                        Keep the yellow color on the texts, maybe.

                                                        Clean up and simplify the icons and color them with different low saturated colors that has a meaning group actions together by a color.

                                                        You should be able to close the tabs without opening them. IE the "X" should appear when hovering above the tab.

                                                        As a whole, everything should be rather subtle and NOT distract the comp window. I would like a bit of iOS/Xbox UI design applied to this.


                                                        I would like to do a mock up of this but a bit short on time.

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                                                          ADOBE! BACK OLD UI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                            clsgrafik Level 1

                                                            A first really interresting answer, found in another abode post:


                                                            I’m not “the man”, but one of a group of designers who work on Adobe’s DVA products.


                                                            Blue has become a UI standard that indicates interaction (e.g.: links, URLs, etc..). We’ve used amber for many years, and while some were satisfied with that color choice, others felt it made our applications seem old and dated. Over the past year, when showing early mockups to customers, and later, working builds, we received a lot of positive feedback mostly along the lines of “newer, cleaner, fresh, more modern, etc..”. While feedback hasn’t been 100% positive (change is rarely universally accepted), the vast majority of feedback to date has. We made UI tweaks during our beta cycle and will continue to monitor public feedback now that it’s out in the wild.


                                                            David Kuspa | Adobe | Sr. Experience Designer, Digital Video & Audio

                                                            How to change new Blue font color back to old Yellow font color?

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                                                              melat3mg Level 1

                                                              After about 5 hours of use, I can honestly say that for me, the software is now unusable. The blue makes it not only harder to focus the longer you stare at it but it actually gives me a headache after a while.


                                                              How do I revert back to the previous version?


                                                              (BTW this type of forced compliance with rather drastic design changes in software UI's is what I HATE about Apple. Please don't go there Adobe.)

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                                                                SteveD333 Level 2

                                                                I agree, the blue is hard to see, especially after staring at the screen for a long period of time.  It wears you down.

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                                                                  I'm not sure who thought this blue was a good idea and second all of the comments above. The blue is distracting and disgusting as-well as the dark check boxes and drop-downs eg: Parent, Please put these kind of UI decisions up to the users ( since we are the ones using and PAYING for the software ) and focus on making the software work well. Either change it back or allow the user to adjust all aspects of the UI not just the brightness...



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                                                                    EDCO Level 1

                                                                    To revert to previous version open your Creative Cloud desktop application, and click on the Apps tab.  Scroll down to "Find New Apps - Filters & Versions" and select "Previous Versions":


                                                                    Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.01.12 AM.png

                                                                    Select previous version from list that appears for application:


                                                                    Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.02.04 AM.png

                                                                    Select the version you need and you should see the following message:


                                                                    Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.09.37 AM.png

                                                                    Click "Yes" to return to previous goodness.

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                                                                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                                                                      Does anyone have trouble reading or identifying text & graphics on this very web site?  Has anyone ever complained about the inability to do so?  Why, I even see a little pale-yellow smiley face icon above the text I'm typing... I see various shades of gray in text and icons... I see a pleasant-looking green check mark icon.  I don't have the least bit of trouble with any of it!  Gee, I wonder why not?


                                                                      Do you think it might have something to do with the predominant background color used.... WHITE?


                                                                      It may not be cool, trendy or artsy-fartsy, but everything sure reads well!


                                                                      I seem to recall that previous versions of AE used white and shades of light gray as backgrounds in the user interface.  Why did someone feel the overwhelming need to
                                                                      re-invent the wheel in recent versions?

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                                                                        Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        I'll certainly chime in with my dissatisfaction about the new blue highlight.  It is far less visible/clarified than the previous yellow/amber, in my opinion.

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                                                                          I agree.  I am also switching back to AE 12 until this new interface is resolved.  The blue is way to bright and the contrast levels are way too much overall.  The whole look has been made far more harsh and lost all the subtlety of the GUI which was working fine for me.  AE 12 was lovely - please can we have that interface back?  Please?!

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                                                                            jeff-7117 Level 1

                                                                            I hate to pile on but I want to echo what others are saying. The update to the UI is a MAJOR step back as far as navigation and overall usability.


                                                                            For example, in the old project panel, the comp icons included color which helped identify other items inside folders that were NOT comps.


                                                                            old comps.png


                                                                            Now, when I am quickly trying to find an image or any additional element that might reside in the same folder as several comps, I get this...


                                                                            Everything is monochromatic and has the same contrast. If you guys are going to do this, you might as well loose the icons completely since they really don't help break things up when you are staring at these screens all day.


                                                                            In the timeline panel, the contrast area would have subtle variations separating the individual modes, mattes, and parenting buttons.  The switches panel had slight contrast since the actual buttons on the switches were not the focus point of the layer.  Layer names were easy to read, with colors for the icons.  My eyes can easily sort out the layer menus and names.

                                                                            old timeline.png


                                                                            Now, with the new color UI, layer names are no longer easy to see since the high contrast areas are buttons and drop down menus.  This makes it difficult to sort layers quickly since your eyes are drawn to the wrong area of the timeline.  I'm constantly sorting and moving layers based on the NAME and LABEL color.  You have made it harder to read those quickly.


                                                                            new timeline.png


                                                                            Now, I realize that I could have made the entire UI darker, but this is the color grey I prefer.  The default is way too dark for all-day usage without major eye strain and it makes it much more difficult to use on a day-to-day basis.


                                                                            While it may be quite a bit of work for the team at adobe, I think the best option would be to give users the choice to customize the UI for most of the major panels. Maxon has done this for years.  For those of us that use AE every day it would be a HUGE step in the right direction to fix this mess.

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                                                                              Slipangle10000 Level 1

                                                                              To the Adobe UI designers: We universally find the blue text extremely difficult to read in our shop. The new UI creates emphasis that does reflect the workflow of the application. Removing the color from the project panel and footage removes visual clues that people who professionally work with the software use recognize footage types.


                                                                              Perhaps being less concerned with whether the UI looks kewl, flat, and a la mode, it's design should be based on facilitating smooth and efficient workflows for its professional user base.


                                                                              I am all for improving the UI, but this has really missed the mark.


                                                                              We have removed all the updates and won't be updating until there is a solution for these problems.

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                                                                                I agree with the many critiques of the new UI. The blue used for the text and keyframes is too knocked back. Same with the comp icons. You should be able to easily find what you're looking for. You shouldn't have to make your eyes bleed. I respect the AE team and the work they do but there are other areas of improvement that could have been the focus of attention. These changes do nothing to advance or improve the program.

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                                                                                  Yup, count me as one of the unhappy....I'm reverting back 'til it's fixed.

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