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    Is this Expanding Images??

      I'm not sure what RH calls what I'm trying to do. I saw in here in the Tutorial: Help/Tutorial/Part 2/ Layouts/ Setting Options for Layouts. Scroll to Step #4. If you click the toolbar and navigation buttons hyperlink, a new graphic will then be inserted onto your page. Clicking again, removes this graphic.
      The hyperlink in Step 5 does the same thing. That's just exactly what I want to do in several of my screens. What is it called and how do I do that? Also, where are these graphics stored? Do I still keep them in the Images folder? Thank you very much.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          I think what you are looking for is expanding and dropdown text. It's not so much that things are being added and removed as displayed or hidden.

          Create some text that you want to be the link, select it and click the DHTML menu. There you will see the options and if you select the dropdown option, a window will open in which you create the content. You can enlarge that window.

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            Jo_Rosen Level 1
            Yes! You understood exactly that I was trying to display/hide. And your instructions were such that I have just accomplished this feat in 2 seconds. Well, Ok, maybe 3 seconds, I had to resize the graphic. Thank you so much!!