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    New user - can't sync Lightroom mobile to desktop


      I'm trialling Lightroom and having a great time with the desktop program, but everything goes wrong when I try to use Lightroom mobile. Having successfully synced a collection of 450 photos (loooong process, but successful) I spent a few hours changing ratings and flags, making develop adjustments, removing some photos from the collection and moving others to a new collection set up on my iPad app. So far, so good and these changes are reflected on both my iPhone and on the Lightroom webapp. Likewise, I can make changes on the iPhone and see those changes instantly on my other devices.

      The issue comes on returning to the desktop, where none of the changes appear, not even having restarted Lightroom, restarted my PC, and deleted all Lightroom mobile data in order to start again. Weirdly, however, I can see the new collection created on iPad under 'Lr mobile collections' as an empty collection with the pictures that should be in there still, unchanged, in their original collection. Deleting collections from the desktop also removes them from my devices, so it seems that there's some communication going on, but Lightroom on the desktop simply can't see changes made to actual photos.

      I can see online that other people have had similar issues, but I'm still no wiser as to a fix.

      I'm hoping a Lightroom veteran can help out this newbie, as I'm loving the product in every other regard.

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Within the Lr Mobile (v1.2) app there is at the top right a little cloud icon. When you touch this icon you can see what kind of sync process is still pending. Is there anything listed?


          If all is up-to-date and you still see the issue could you try to remove the sync.lrdata file and restart Lr Desktop. This would restart/refresh the sync (metadata only).

          Removing the Sync.lrdata might fix whatever the issue is.  Or, at least, might trigger it to occur again. So remove the Sync.lrdata, start Lr, and then wait until it either syncs or gets stuck again and create at this point a Lr Desktop diagnostic log which can hopefully provide some clues.


          You can find the  sync.lrdata file here:

          On Mac it's at /Users/<user>/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/Sync.lrdata

          On Win it would be at C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Sync Data\Sync.lrdata


          Please send me a LR Desktop diagnostig log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


          You can trigger the log via LR Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button