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    Blue impossible to read

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      Is anybody else finding the new blue on grey impossible to read?  A dark text colour on a dark background is such a fundamental error, how can it have passed QC?


      Lightening the background does nothing to improve the situation - because dark text on a light background is just as bad. 


      Until this changes to a brighter colour, I am virtually unable to use AE and Pr!

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          I TOTALLY agree on this. I've just installed the update. What a deception ! I never liked dark interface with white font. At last with previous version we were able to change font color front white to black. Please, give us back the possibility to change font color.

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            bsbeamer Level 2

            Would be great to have the option to change UI colors.  At the moment I'm trying to see if others are having the same issues as me or not... and it looks like they are.  I'm used to the yellow - have been using it for YEARS now, so partially it's a visual shock to adjust for, but I'm giving it a shot.  At least I can scrub audio in AE right now!

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              {KMS} Level 2

              +1 The new UI is tough on the eyes...

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                Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                I've really tried to get on with the new blue properties text, but I truly cannot focus on it.  It's too tonally similar to the grey UI.  It's a nightmare.


                It may be okay for the younger eyes, but for people who've been around a bit, like myself, this could prove a real problem.

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Huh?  If you change the background to darn-near white, you still have problems reading dark blue on white?   God help you if you go to read a book.


                  Now understand, I'm in your corner.  I'm no fan of windows with gray backgrounds that contain pastel items.  I'm with you that everything should be easily-seen:  you want to make a still-image layer green?  Make it REALLY green, not some grayish-green crap!


                  But almost-white and dark blue text over it shouldn't be all that bad.  That's a head-scratcher.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Keep it coming. Give as much detail as possible about individual, specific issues---whether positive, negative, or neutral. Detailed feedback will help us to make things as good as possible for you.

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                      MikeHoium Level 1

                      Add another vote for user-definable UI text colors - at least let us choose the old orange please!. That blue is really tough - and a very huge and strange change to just dump in an update.

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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        This deal with using gray and pastels isn't limited to Adobe... not by a long shot!  There are other Major Violators.


                        I'm looking at an Avid machine just 6 feet away, and they do the same thing.  You highlight a piece of footage in a bin, and the black text is over a dark pastel blue background.  Now, THERE'S an easily-read color combo!  Why not yellow instad of blue?  Are you TRYING to make life tough for people, Avid?  And why, when you activate a window, does the header bar go from something like 140-140-140 to 150-150-150?  Wow, I can REALLY see that change right off the bat!  The same thing applies in the other applications in the Avid suite of barely-readable software tools.


                        It was the same deal when I used to cut in FCP 7... plus 6, 5 &4.... the interface was dominated by shades of gray.  Same story for Motion, DVDSP, Cinema Tools, Compressor and Soundtrack Pro.


                        You almost get the feeling there's some User Interface Supreme Master Art Director somewhere who decreed that shades of gray and pastels were now in vogue, and functionality be damned.  In his or her eyes, it looked cool.  Forget the user, this will be the Color Pallette Of What's Happening Now.


                        I tell you what:  the UI's may not have looked nearly as cool in some people's eyes, but it was a LOT easier to identify what was what in AE versions 3-8.

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                          MikeHoium Level 1

                          also the height of the tabs seem unnecessarily tall - from about 20 pixels in CC2014 to about 30 pixels in CC2014.1. Just alot of empty space above and below the title.


                          Does this have something to do with the high-DPI business?



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                            hqhempen Level 1

                            It wouldn't be as bad if the attribute parameters within the twirl-down menus weren't blue as well.  I understand highlighting the entire window section you're working in, as it was hard to see with yellow before.  Blue is just too bright on text and words. :\

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                              SSR Prod B

                              Add another vote for user-definable UI text colors .

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                                Snakedogman Level 2

                                Personally I don't mind the taller tabs. I think it gives the titles in the tabs a bit more breathing space. Perhaps they could be scaled down a couple of pixels...


                                Just out of interest, how do you all feel about the interface now that you've maybe had a chance to get more used to it? I was kind of forced to work with it on some actual projects the past couple of weeks and tbh some of it has started to feel more normal by now.

                                I have to say I am not colorblind so I didn't have a specific problem with the blue in that respect. I could still take it or leave it. I also still think parts of the interface are just too contrasty. With this new version I prefer the interface set to the lightest setting, because this seems to be the least contrasty as well. In the dark (default) setting the bright white text especially in the track modes/switches panel is too aggresive for my eyes. Also the colored comp icons should definitely return.