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    Print on demand page

      I have, what I consider, an odd request from a client. They have asked if there is a way to create a "printer friendly" version of each topic in the help system. The topic would be printed on demand. Is there a plug-in or method that allows the end user to tie an individual topic to a Word template and then send it to the printer?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Not sure how without poking around but you can specify a separate style sheet that will be used when printing. That sounds like the easiest solution. Post back here if you cannot find the details yourself.

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            HKabaker Level 2
            Here's a suggestion you probably won't like.

            Create a pdf version of each topic that needs a printer friendly copy. Import them as baggage files and link each to its topic.

            You may want to "clean up" some html components in MS Word before generating the pdf. Otherwise, the only printer-friendly trait I can see is page breaks.

            Another thought:
            Some Web sites make printer-friendly html pages by taking out the side rails, right rails, unnecessary banners and buttons, goo-gahs, crawling text streams, flash effects and so on. They end up with a stripped-down, plain-vanilla presentation of text and graphics.

            No need to include them in the TOC. It's not hard to exclude them from the Index, but a bit more trouble to omit from the search database. (See that discussion elsewhere.)

            Again, I would limit this treatment to the WebHelp pages that are most likely to need it. Unless all of your pages have left rails, etc., etc., etc.