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    Downloading from Overdrive

    peter hurrell

      I am running windows 8.1 and have recently installed Overdrive to enable me to borrow books from my library. I have bought a Nook Simple Touch to transfer these books to but do not seem to be able to access the downloads. I have authorised ADE and Overdrive and ensured the associations of ACSM and ODM files is correct.

      When I access my library through Overdrive to borrow a book I get the option to read in the browser or download. I download a Epub format and it seems to work as it appears on Overdrive but it does not open or show in ADE. I also cannot find anything in my downloads.

      Am I missing something?

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          I have exactly the same issue and I tried I think everything I could find on this topic to no avail, including authorize with same AdobeID, deauthorize, authorize with Overdrive ID. I just don't know what else to do. Books show up in the overdrive app after download, but not ADE. Sample books from Adobe page that are downloaded directly are showing up in the ADE library and work fine. I have  brand new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8.1 installed.

          Anyone that could help?

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            Same here. I just upgraded my wifes computer to the worst OS on earth.. 8.1

            . Now Overdirve will show the book, read it.. but the files dont appear to be on the computer

            for Adobe to find for transfer to her kobo. Im going to have to go back to her old computer

            as she really need Kobo to work.  Windows just keeps getting worse....