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    Complex Data Merge


      Hi Indesign wizards.


      I'm doing a complex product catalogue for a client. It contains around 1.800 products spread out over a little more than a hundred pages. The catalogue is in four languages and is to be exported both with and without prices. Each product contains various details, an image, a barcode (eps), an icon (eps). Because the catalogue is being printed in four languages, we create it so that it is only the black printing plate that varies.

      I create all four languages at once by doing them on different layers, but Indesign always crashes for a couple of hours and then all of a sudden is finished. I think a data merge takes around 4 hours.


      So my question is, if any of you have experience with this kind of complex data merges. Is there a way for me to speed it up by tweeking some part of indesign, using other versions, using addons? I found out that CS6 is the fastest, much faster than CC and CC14.


      My computer is an early 2013 macbook pro retina, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3.


      I hope someone have some good insights