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    Edge Animate October 2014 release is now live!

    Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      This release has exciting New features and top priority bug fixes. The latest update to the 2014 release of Edge Animate CC includes publishing and runtime changes that facilitate lesser number of downloads and smaller payload size. This update also provides you more control on asset organization. Read on for a quick introduction to these changes and other enhancements.

      Please do not use this post to provide feedback on the product. Create separate posts for each of your requests.


      Installation instructions


      1. Log out and log in to the CC desktop application. Update the application when prompted.
      2. You should see the list of new updates as soon as the new CC desktop application is launched.
      3. Install Edge Animate CC.
      4. After the application is installed, you can launch the application directly from the desktop app by clicking on it.


      The October 2104 release of Edge Animate provides the following publishing and runtime enhancements.


      • Reduced supporting runtime size by 55%
      • Removed dependencies on 3rd party libraries
      • Save your images, media and scripts to custom folders
      • Fewer project output files to manage
      • New Preloader options

      For complete details of the changes, see the New features summary.