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    New version of Director?

      We've still not heard anything else from Adobe... even though last year (Before Tom Higgins left) they specified that there would be a new version in the first half of this year...

      ...now it seems that there are a lot of compatibility problems running on windows vista...

      ...I hate to think of it, but should i quit wasting my time with director and move onto learning something else..? I hate to think that because i LOVE director & Lingo, but they seem to be investing a lot more in other technologies...

      .. has anyone heard anything?
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          Hi there, check out the "bad news with vista/director" thread on the
          macromedia.director.3d newsgroup.

          Ritesh from Adobe actually talked about the next version of director and the
          Vista issues.

          He hinted at a directX9 / Vista upgrade for the next Director, and actual
          new 3D features the version after that.... A long way off, but at least they
          are trying to update it long term.


          Richard Smith

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            tdriley Level 1
            I see.. that's actually helped me to look on the bright side a bit more - i thought Adobe had forgotten about us...

            Roll on "The second half of 07" :)
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              Doc Raman Level 1
              Adobe changed the statement (somewhere on the Director Dev Center) to the 2nd half of 2007.

              I'll be giving a talk at the e-Learning Guild Conference next week about how my company uses Director, and Adobe will also be in that session talking about the new version of Director.

              The #1 thing I'm waiting for is the MacIntel player...living in Rosetta just to view Shockwave is really tough.
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                tdriley Level 1
                Great, would be interested to hear what they say.. will it be published anywhere?
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                  Just wrote this in Director Basics in relation to a similar question.

                  The Director FAQ is up to date.
                  The Director release period was initially the first half of the year, now has
                  changed to second half.

                  I have spoken to Adobe people recently in relation to the launch of CS3. In the
                  context of this release, there will be some updated Director information
                  communicated to the public. I'll follow that up and see what's happening.

                  You can email me directly if you'd like further info. But once again, Adobe WILL
                  BE releasing a new version of Director this year.


                  Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast

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                    SafariTECH Level 1
                    If you are not using Director for 3d projects, it works very well on Vista ( at least so far). I have been working on a project using MX 2004 10.1 on Vista Ultimate 64 with no issues to date.

                    database usage (INM), browser integration (JP), file manipulation, system integration (Buddy), audio (SWA), forms, OSControl, copy/paste, etc all have worked without a hitch. ( small issue in OSControl but fixable)

                    Just make sure you run your account on Vista as an administrator and you should be fine so long as you don't develop for 3d/DirectX.