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    Struggling to search for multiple files

    Tony4x4 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am struggling to do a search / select for multiple files.


      Here is my workflow:

      I have 2 computers, the one is used for all image manipulation using a combination of LR & PS and the other computer is used for the sales presentation using ProSelect.


      Once I am finished with my post production I export all the images to my sales presentation computer in JPG file format.


      After the sales presentation I then want to be able to Star the images they purchased on my post production computer. Currently I have been doing this manually, although time comsuming not too bad when you are only talking 20 images. However this is not working for weddings when looking at 150-200 images.


      This is what I have tried. I did an export of filenames from ProSelect. I then removed the suffix i.e. .jpg. In Lightroom I select the Filter Bar, Text, Any searchabe Text, Contains and then paste in the list of filenames. After quite a while it will come back and say no images found or it might come up with only the 1st image in the list. I have tried several combinations of formating the list of filenames and none seem to work i.e. spaces, commas, semi-colon, each filename in "".


      If anyone can help me in this regard I would be very grateful.