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    InDesign CS4 crash when printing .."macromedia" apparent culprit..


      (Sorry if this has found its way to the wrong advice Forum: I can't seem to find a way to the appropriate InDesign CS4 "Community" to post it in!)


      My Mac version of InDesign CS4 version 6.0.6 has begun crashing when attempting to print.


      The Crash Log shows the particular crashed thread to always include the line:

      com.macromedia.Flash Player.authplaylib    0x1c5ac2dd ExternalPlayer_Initialize  +  1864739


      ..which is repeated a further twice, with various similar numbers just before and after "ExternalPlayer_Initialize".


      I assume that this is a problem with InDesign calling "macromedia.Flash Player" instead of Adobe Flash Player, but I have no idea where or how to modify the phrase "macromedia.Flash Player" to encourage the program to run correctly.


      NOTE ALSO: That the program was installed on a Mac which had been lost, and was subsequently found and returned, but in the meantime we'd bought a replacement Mac. InDesign was then UNinstalled from the originally-lost Mac, and a full previous backup of that Mac was then restored onto the new Mac so that it was a complete copy of the original (..thus abiding by usage restrictions..)


      After the program was restored onto the new Mac it longer Prints.


      Any help or suggestions, please?