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    Problems using Free Transform within a Photoshop action


      I have a few hundred images each containing text on a separate layer.  The text is in different positions on each image.  I'm trying to write an action to move the text in each image to a specific location on each one.  When creating the action I use free transform to move the current layer to x=750 y=800.  I type in the desired coordinates and make sure not to click the delta between the x and y settings so that it doesn't use relative positioning.  When I click the return button the text moves to the desired spot so all seems okay.  When I run the action the text moves a fixed amount relative to its initial position which is not what I want.  Each text layer is supposed to move to x750, y 800.  I'm having this problem with both Photoshop CS6 and CC2014 running on  a Mac using OS 10.9.4.

      Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?