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    Missing Photographs - 5,000 in total - is there a programmatic way to get the complete file paths missing?


      HostOS : Mac OS X

      LightRoom version : 4.4


      I accidentally moved linked files over the past few years, and just discovered (via "Missing Photos" view) that I have 5,000 missing photos.


      I know the master photos are on my hard disk drive ... so, that is the good news.


      BUT I do not want to have to click to re-link all 5,000 missing photos one at a time.


      Is there a way to programmatically get the list of file paths of those 5,000 missing photos on my MacOSX system  -- so that I can write an AppleScript to extract the unique image file name from the full file path extracted from LightRoom, locate the image in Finder, and move it back to the expected file path where Lightroom expects to find it?