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    oct update broke my code


      I'm getting the usual trio of unidentifiable errors:

      Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol

      Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = timeline

      Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = element

      after the new update converted my working project to API 5.0


      I assume my code stopped working because jQuery is now optional:

      If you include jQuery as an external script in your composition, then Edge Animate Runtime redefines AdobeEdge.$ to jQuery and starts using the same internally. Thus any of the Edge Animate APIs which returns a wrapper, will now return a wrapper of type AdobeEdge.$. However, if jQuery is included in the composition as an external script, or is loaded before the edge runtime in the html page then the APIs will return a jQuery wrapper.


      I have the jquery-2.0.3.js file in the js folder, where it was moved after updating. What do I need to change in my code to allow it to work as it did before? I tried changing all instances of $ to AdobeEdge.$, but that created syntax errors. Changing $ to jQuery gave me a reference error for the variable jQuery.