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    Lightroom 5 export + converting to jpg files freezes system (also with Tree Mirror Export)


      My Challenge : Exporting all my photos as jpgs from my catalog to separate folder while maintaining folder structure. Reason is that my wife thinks raw files and lightroom are too complicated and she just wants to go through folders with jpgs that she can easily share, view, etc. There must be some other lightroom users that have the same challenge with their spouse. Not all of our family members are photography fanatics.


      Solution 1: Exporting normal way while putting all exports in subfolder in the folder of the original files. Will require manual extraction of these subfolders to another drive, but could live with that if there is no alternative.

      Solution 2: Tree Mirror Export Plug In seems to provide exactly what I was for... but...


      Problem: In both solutions the processor temperature rises extremely high (used Speedfan to monitor) freezing my system after a while. I know that exporting and converting raw files to jpgs takes a lot of processing power, but I have a state of the art computer (Windows 8.1, Intel i7-4790k CPU @ 4.00Ghz, 16gb fast RAM and Radeon R9 videocard). I tried it with 3000 pics first (total library is 40k), then 1800, then subfolders of 500 and the system still crashes. I also play very demanding games and I never have any problems with performance or system freezes.  With these system specs I think the problem is how Lightroom is using system resources or something.


      Do any of you have the same problem? Or does Adobe have a solution for this?