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    Photoshop saves images darker than they appear in-program

    Zyvox Level 1

      I am using Photoshop CS6 64-bit version, and I also had this problem with the previous Photoshop CS5 (64-bit aswell). (Windows 7 64-bit)

      I've had this problem for a very long time and I've been looking for answers for tons of times however this time around I really want it fixed because it is very annoying.


      Whenever I save most images that I've edited or created in Photoshop, they get saved as darker than they are in the program;

      It shouldn't be a monitor problem. I have two monitors and it occurs on both. When I save the image and open it on the same monitor for comparison, it is darker than it was in photoshop.

      If I use a screen-cap tool like Gyazo directly in photoshop to upload a screenshot of the image to the web, it appears just as light as it should (I am not sure if it's 100% as light as it should, however it's definitely way better and lighter than saving the image then uploading it).


      Here's a comparison. On the left it is the wallpaper opened in Photoshop. On the right side I have the image saved as a .PNG and shown using the default Windows Photo Viewer:


      You can see that there is a clear difference, and that it's way darker than it should be. It pretty much ruins the image in this case due to how dark it gets.
      (Yes, I've tried saving a very wide range of image filetypes with no success)



      Continuing on the monitor/screen-cap part above... So logically there should be some issues with the actual saving of the image in Photoshop. Am I using sRGB? Yes. I have checked all the settings in the color settings countless times to make sure it's right. I also tried playing a bit around with them to no avail. Here is a picture of my color settings (Ctrl+Shift+K): http://i.gyazo.com/b3f993b61e2e9c701d0820886670da36.png


      I have both tried to reset my settings and re-installed Photoshop. As I also said I've had this problem with an earlier version of Photoshop aswell. I have tried to convert color profiles before I save the image and I've made sure it's saved using sRGB.


      I'm convinced Photoshop is saving the image wrongly or something due to the screen-cap case.


      If anyone has any leads on how to go about fixing this then please speak out. If you require any more information about my hardware/software or what I've tried, just ask.