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    InDesign Data Merge accented characters...


      I work with a company that produces a lot personalised documentation. When data merging from a .csv file any accented characters in people's names don't come across correctly. They look fine in the .csv however.

      For example:

      Yvan D√©n√©r√©az - should be Yvan Dénéréaz


      My setup...


      OS X 10.9.5.

      British keyboard setup.


      I have tried adding in language packs and have done a lot of searching on the web but cannot find a solution.

      It's a real pain in the neck as I have to go back to the original Excel doc and copy and paste the ones that don't come across. What do people who live in Germany and The Netherlands do? Not use Data Merge?

      Has anyone come across this and have you found a solution?