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    Use lightroom.adobe.com to share images?

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      Greetings.  I am a longtime LR user but have not ventured too much into the mobile apps yet. (Contrary to popular opinion everyone is not on IOS, some of us mostly use android .    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Seemed to make more sense than just the creative cloud sub-forum because I am looking for input from photography types.


      And I have read everything I can on this subject and I know some version of it is possible, but I just wonder if anyone is using it this way.  However of course most help files and documentation goes on and on about the IOS possibilities, and treats the website as an afterthought.


      So, I would like to share a collection of images at an average, not full-resolution size, in a protected fashion were only people ***I WANT**** can use a link to view them.  I kept looking at Behance but it clearly is going into a more "collaborative" or public sharing direction.   So when LR mobile came out, of course I learned I can share and edit images to MY ipad and I did play with that a bit.  However, I would like to share perhaps select images with certain trusted people that are not on CC or logged into my CC account with their ipad.  Or maybe they are on CC, but they are not "collaborators" which of course with CC you can share the world with.


      Is there a way to share images in a protected manner on the adobe.lightroom.com website?  So others (but not the whole web) can view images, but cannot download, cannot edit or change, etc. and of course can't sync back to LR from the web.  Even with family members that has been my concern sharing images with an ipad!!!   People viewing your images and mistakenly playing around with edits on an ipad while just trying to look and images and those changes syncing back to LR desktop.




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          Hi there!
          First of all, about iOS/Android: I think it depends. Here everybody uses iOS. I really don't know any photographer or creative person who uses Android. To me it does't matter, iOS just works beautifully.


          As of today, yes it's possible to share! And very simple and exactly what you want (I think).

          Go to Adobe Lightroom and login. Then open a Lightroom Collection there. On the top-left you see a share icon, click it and select Sharing Options.


          Schermafbeelding 2014-10-06 om 21.35.57.png

          Click it and then you have all the options. Default is Private selected. When you select Limited Public, only people with the link can watch them. Try it!


          Schermafbeelding 2014-10-06 om 21.37.00.png

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            Thanks for you feedback on using the web interface with screenshots no less!  Will have to give it a test-whirl.


            LOL on your IOS comment. I know that is the perception that "everyone" creative uses IOS.  However I am absolutely certain that there are some creatives in the 50+% of the market that uses android.


            So anyway, you now know 2 photographers (one of my friends also is the same) that use Android for their primary phone OS and windows for their desktop OS!  Now perhaps they might use an ipad for web browsing too, but we need the mobile software to be agnostic.


            Thanks again!





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              Also I realized the subject should point to lightroom.adobe.com.  Sorry about that, can't change now.


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                I fixed the title for you



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