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    Beyond help? Upgrade for Dell OptiPlex 990 mini tower

    Ed2149 Level 1

      I hate to have to ask this but seeing as I have had some extremely helpful advice over the last week from this forum I can only hope that I am not banished for asking this!


      I have been tasked with getting together a temporary computer for someone to do some very low level editing - 60sec timelines of still images over music in Premiere, small amount of cutting and/or tarting up images in Photoshop.


      I have basically zero budget for this so have to try and scrape the machine together from what I can find in the office. On that note I have found a Dell OptiPlex 990 mini tower. Now I know this is not really made for the task (by a long shot), but it has an i7 2600 cpu & 8 GB of RAM so that is something(ish). I have a spare 7200rpm HDD I can put into the second HDD slot, and I can probably dig out some extra RAM. Where I have hit a dead end is the weak Radeon 5450 GPU. I wanted to upgrade this to something with 1GB Vram (will ing to buy this obviously), so it could at least be tapped into by Premiere, but choice is restricted bya  single slot PCI Express x16 slot and the paltry 265w psu. I can swap the psu for an old 365w I have form another decommissioned Dell, but what, if anything could I get in as a replacement GPU?


      I know this a long way from an advised spec for video editing and the real answer is probably bench it and find money for something else but I have to try and get something out of this if I can. I fit is pointless then I think I will just have to add the HDD and RAM and use it in software only mode.


      Thanks for your understanding and patience.