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    Is there any way to automate or make my processes any faster?


      I am a technical writer for a manufacturing company and I find myself doing the same thing over and over again.


      How I do things now;


      A new machine is designed and it needs a User, Service, Maintenance, and Installation guide.

                - I open the book file of the previous model's manual (i.e, if a Model G is designed, I use the manual for F and make the changes) and manually change EVERY instant of the model name, number, etc.. (Each manual has around 30 sections, a few pages each section) I use the search all documents to change model names/numbers and it's not that big of a deal.

                - I swap out the pictures and forms that need to change, update some unique cases, add procedures, etc..


      The way i would LIKE it to work;


      I have one form per machine family that I can update certain forms (CE Certifications, Spec Sheets, etc..) that meets a basic requirement for our certifications.



      Is there a way to open a sort of pre-built book file that I can then be prompted to update certain things. (i.e; a prompt that asks for the CE Certification, Spec Sheet, weight Info, Electrical info, etc..)?


      I just keep wasting a TON of time doing the same thing for slightly different machines over and over and over again.