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    October 6 updated freezes my Mac

    steverb2 Level 1

      I just installed the October 6 Photoshop update and my entire computer freezes as soon as I open any dialog window in Photoshop. I'm running a Mac Pro with 10.7.5 installed. I had a similar problem with the latest InDesign update. For that I removed the WhatsNewBundle (or something similarly named) and that fixed things. I tried removing the com.photoshop.welcome folder within the Package Contents, but that didn't help. So, I've uninstalled the thing and am going to re-install an earlier version.


      Anyone have another suggestion?

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          Mark VerMurlen Adobe Employee

          Are you sure its frozen?  Since the Oct. release is all brand new, it needs to load, rebuild, and cache a number of files.  My suggestion would be to launch Ps and go get a cup of coffee and let if fully initialize.  You may also want to do this when you have a fast reliable internet connection.  I would then expect subsequent launches to take much less time.


          Best regards,


          Mark VerMurlen

          Adobe Engineering

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            steverb2 Level 1

            Well, I'll give it a try and let you know.



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              steverb2 Level 1

              Well, I uninstalled and then re-installed. I opened Photoshop and it froze my Mac within a few seconds. Nothing worked. I couldn't access the Finder or any programs at all. I waited 20 minutes. We do have a fast, reliable connection here. I think I need to re-install an earlier version. Is it possible to install the version prior to this new one (CC 2014.1)? If so, how do I go about it?



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                tinaTS Adobe Employee

                Restart Photoshop, and immediately hold your shift+opt+cmd keys to reset prefs in case they weren't deleted when you uninstalled.

                If that doesn't work, restart Photoshop & immediately hold the shift key to turn off any third-party plug-ins (if you installed any).

                Restart the Mac and immediately hold down the shift key to start in safe boot.

                Choose Applications > Utilities > Disk Utilities, and repair permissions on your boot drive.

                If these don't work, you can install a version of Photoshop CC by choosing Filters & Versions in the Creative Cloud Desktop Application, in the Find New Apps section, and choosing CC.

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                  Mark VerMurlen Adobe Employee

                  This problem sounds similar to another thread (Oct 6 update to PS 2014 vs Mac: app lock up (network barrier blocking the Welcome screen)).  That person's problem was due to a bad anti-virus application that had to be uninstalled and reinstalled.


                  The Welcome screen gets HTML/CSS/JS data from an Adobe server, much the same way a web browser does.  Could there be something that's interfering with receiving data from the internet on your machine?



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                    Does command-option--escape open the Force Quit Applications dialog?

                    If not (and you have to power cycle the machine to get it working again), then the whole machine is frozen -- which means an OS bug, a low level driver bug, or more commonly a hardware fault.  In this case I'd guess a hard disk problem, but bad RAM or VRAM could cause the same symptom.

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                      steverb2 Level 1

                      Well, I tried all those suggestions, Photoshop is still freezing my entire Mac. I re-installed an older version, but the version is 14.0.0. I would really like to update that to the CC 2014 version. (14.1). Can I do that without it getting updated all the way to 14.2? I really can't run that version.



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                        mosubu Level 1

                        Thank you Adobe for reading my mind!

                        When I woke up this AM, I thought, "wouldn't it be nice to have the latest CC Photoshop upgrade freeze my Mac upon launch"

                        OMG! Thank you SOOOOOOO much !


                        After numerous restarts, force quitting out of CC2014 launching, uninstalling, reinstalling, force quitting, manually dumping prefs, reinstalling, freezing, force quitting, making more coffee, uninstalling, reinstalling, watching the beach ball a bit longer, going out into the yard and feeding the birds, deciding 1100 AM is an OK time to start drinking tequila, i decided to use the "old" version of CC Photoshop which thankfully I hadn't dumped. Because somewhere in the back of my mind when the "new" version came out I knew I'd be typing this exact conversation somewhere. Now that I think of it, I'm going to copy this into a log so I can reuse it next time…..and there will be a next time,  won't there Adobe ?


                        So a couple of hours later I"m now editing this image I need to deliver at 1 EST. Oh look ! Its effin noon time !


                        Again, Thank You !


                        I know this doesn't help anyone in the same boat, but without humor we'd be dead in the water.

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                          My PSE10, as well as Photoshop CC and PhotoshopCC2014 have all COMPLETELY froze my mac on various occasions.  PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions I am panicking!  I have taken my macbook pro to apple, I have spent hours on the phone with adobe, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing is working! 

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                            Again, if the entire machine is freezing, rebooting, or shutting down -- you're looking at an OS bug, a low level driver bug, or defective hardware.

                            Applications CANNOT cause that behavior on modern OS versions.


                            The most common cause is bad RAM, followed by bad motherboards, bad hard drives, bad VRAM, bad GPUs, bad power supplies, and sometimes OS or driver bugs.

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                              psmudger Level 1

                              Hey Chris, that's an interesting answer as I was having exactly the same issue with illustrator 2014 on a Mac Pro running 10.7.5. Complete freeze, no force quit. By removing the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014.app/Contents/MacOS/CEP/extensions/com.illustrator.Welcome folder....... It worked. first time and now every time. Two other older macs suffered the same fate and the same thing worked. All 3 macs were totally locked up. Installed indesign 2014, same thing on these 3 macs, same fix worked. Unfortunately there is (or I cannot yet find) an equivalent folder for Photoshop 2014.


                              So removing some adobe files, the welcome screen stuff, did fix it for 2 of the apps and looking at the forum the same fix has helped a lot of other people out too. Just can't do it for photoshop 2014. If the apps are not going to run on a particular OS they should not be specced to run on them and clearly, in this instance it is adobe code screwing things over. The thing that is frustrating is that we are paying over a grand a month here and I have to do all this bug hunting and trouble shooting and adobe admit to nothing. When did the paying users become beta testers?


                              adobe. Fix this or take the 10.7.5 spec out of the min requirements. Another afternoon wasted.

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                                Level 7

                                THat means you are hitting an OS bug.  Removing the welcome screen just removes some HTTP requests when the app starts -- which means that some part of the OS is getting hung on the network requests.

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                                  psmudger Level 1

                                  Hi Chris,

                                  Yes, I understand that. So why is an http request from the 2014 apps freezing an OS that the apps are specced to run on? I have no other app on these machines where an http request locks up the entire computer. Can you tell me where the equivalent http request is in Photoshop 2014 so that I can get these last 3 macs working with the other 27 in our Adode team please.

                                  I carefully checked the required spec of all the 2014 apps we wanted to use and all machines meet the specs on http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/system-requirements.html

                                  All I really want is to get the apps working and right now I don't care how, be it a patch from Adobe or a hack like I had to do with Illustrator and InDesign 2014.

                                  Thanks for your reply.


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                                    Why is your system freezing when millions of others are not?  What is different about your systems from a clean install that might explain the OS freezing when handling a simple HTTP request?


                                    It could be a bad OS install, a bad utility, some bad setting in the OS, etc.

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                                      psmudger Level 1

                                      Well Chris, if you have a look at your own forums you will see that lots of people are having this issue with the 2014 apps and they are all having the issue running 10.7.5 on a 2006 or 2007 Mac Pro. There are plenty of other non-adobe forums that are also reporting this. Hop over to the Illustrator forum and you will see a fair few lengthy threads on this exact subject, which is where, incidentally, where the solution presented itself for both Illustrator and InDesign.


                                      Why don't you just try to help seeing as a fair few users have gotten their 2014 Illustrator and InDesign working on said machines under 10.7.5 by deleting those folders.


                                      Let me put it another way and maybe you can help. When running Photoshop 2014 on a system where it does work (and yes, the only 3 Macs it doesn't work on here and all over the forums are Mac Pros from 2007 running 10.7.5 which is the latest OS they are capable of running) you get a tick box at the bottom of the welcome window that says 'Don't show again'. Is there a file, a plist, anything in Photoshop 2014 file system  where I can go and set that flag manually to stop the box popping up. Going through terminal is fine. Just to see if this works for us.


                                      The users have solved this issue for people experiencing it, can you please help us get around it for the early Mac Pro users running 10.7.5 please.


                                      Many thanks



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                                        psmudger Level 1



                                        our 10.7.5 systems are clean installs with no 3rd party plug-ins.


                                        2 mins on the Adobe Forum search:




                                        There are many. many more threads. Please Help.


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                                          Level 7

                                          None of the topics you referenced are talking about a frozen machine.

                                          The Illustrator topic refers to a third party plugin crashing the app.

                                          In short, your search turned up nothing that relates to your described problem in any way other than the words "welcome window".


                                          If your machine is freezing when handling HTTP requests for the welcome window -- then your OS has a very serious problem.

                                          If your machine is not freezing - then you have a very different issue than what this topic is about.

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                                            psmudger Level 1

                                            ok, so you didn't bother reading all the posts in those threads. 1 person in one of the threads had plug in issues. Others chimed in with the freezing issue stating 10.7.5.


                                            Our it team has been on the phone to technical support (Adobe) and we have managed to get them to duplicate the freezing. They are getting back to him so thanks for not even answering the questions of where a plist or something may be. I see our £1130.30 per month, every month, is well spent as we even had to pay for the phone call to technical support. Remember Quark Xpress? No, neither do I. They were equally as helpful.