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    Translated Files

      Hi everyone,

      I was given responsibility for maintaining the help system for our software product. The system is translated into several languages. When I receive the translated help files, I open the project and check the links, format, and trade names in each file. I thought I read somewhere that you should only recompile help systems on a computer using the foriegn language operating system. Is this true? Can I work on these translated files and recompile on my computer using an English version of the Windows XP Operating System?
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          AlScott9028001 Level 1
          Hello Saro,
          Possibly one of the problems you might be encountering is the fact that the ASCII codes are related to very different characters.
          I used to work for SmartDisk in Fl. And we had to deal with French/German/Japanese and Korean versions of our software, but they had to be installed using the matching version of Windows otherwise you ended up with some really odd dialogue boxes with a wierd characters.
          This maybe could the root of your problem. The best bet, in my humble opinion would be to match the languages.
          I'd be interested to see what happens, and if this fixes the problem.
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            ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
            In fact, there are two different things involved. Every language which uses another codepage then 1252 (Western European) should not be handled with RoboHelp. RH insists in changeing the codepages in the topics leading to unexpected/funny/embarassing things.

            If your target language uses the 1252-codepage you should compile the CHM on a computer running the respective language OS, as otherwise the title bar of the help viewer window reads HTML Help, regardless of what you enter in the window definition


            ---Dirk Bock