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    Edge Animate 2014.1 not backwards compatible to 2014.0 documents


      This is a request to Adobe:


      Minor version revisions should not cause project incompatibilities in .an project files!


      The update to 2014.1 Edge Animate (October 2014) causes trouble in lab settings. My students using 2014.1 on their personal machines cannot open their work on 2014.0. All of our lab computers have 2014.0 installed. I can understand major revision incompatibilities, but minor revisions should be bug fixes and simple updates and should not affect projects created *yesterday*.


      This is endlessly frustrating, because we have to call upon our staff tech support any time a minor bug fix is put into place with CC.


      In terms of addressing this issue, how might someone go about updating a .an project file to be backwards-compatible? In Edge Animate, no option exists to save backwards.


      Thanks for any help on this issue.