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    Do I need LR 5 in order to convert my Nikon D750 files from NEF to DNG files?

    Converting D750 Files LR

      I currently have LR 4 and the new Nikon D750. I was using the Nikon View to convert my files from NEF to TIFF and get some editing done for clients previews. I know the Camera Raw 8.7 just came out on October 2nd and I am trying to download it but it will not install on my computer as I cannot find the short cut or the installed application when I go to all my applications on my computer. I open LR 4 and cannot see it in there either. What am I doing wrong? Do I need LR 5 in order to use the new Camera Raw 8.7? I have Windows 8 so it is not an unsupported computer version as was stated on your site where you can click the download for the Camera Raw 8.7.