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    New CC update (10/6/14) change the Blue color????

    hqhempen Level 1

      I appreciate the hardwork involved in updating the apps, but the light blue on grey isn't cuttin' it for my eyes.  Is there a way to change it?  I can't seem to find a setting in Prefs > Appearances.

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          MASSIVE//MATTER Level 1

          Immediately wanted to change it as well. I guess we will have to get used to it.


          " No, there's no way to control color of the focus highlighting and the text for certain controls. As you note, this is part of major changes to the user interface across many programs." - Mark Mapes Oct 6, 2014 6:42 PM

          Re: Premiere Pro CC: can blue text interface be changed back to yellow?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Do not read into a message from the Premiere Pro quality enginering team anything about what we can refine for After Effects.


            Keep the feedback coming.

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              RonniePedra Level 1

              I kinda like the blue in overall UI, but the selected keyframes color is terrible to visualize, there's no contrast in it. We can't differenciate the selected keyframes from the others, a lighter blue or even a user selectable color it's far more interesting.

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                btn_design Level 1

                In reading the updated features, any of the CC applications no longer allow the brighter settings "The range of the Brightness slider in the Appearance preference category is more limited than in previous versions; there is no longer a “light” mode for the interface. The default brightness setting is darker than in previous versions."


                WIth more contrast this is very hard on the eyes, especially when staring at a project for 10-12 hours.  Please bring back the ability to have the interface brighter.  Been using After Effects since 2.0 and it has always had the brighter settings.  Or at least allow the text and icons to dim as well.  Cinema 4D has a nice contrast ratio to look at if you are going for a darker appearance.

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                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                  To clarify, I was merely reporting that there is no way within 2014.1 to changing the UI color scheme. I did not mean to imply that the new UI is cast in stone. Your feedback will help inform decisions about what changes to make in future releases.

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                    mauser319 Level 1

                    I'd like to echo the other users re: the contrast issue with the new blue accent color.  I'm having tons of trouble differentiating between selected and unselected keyframes, as well as enabled or disabled toggles in the various panels.  It's crucial-- for accessibility reasons if nothing else-- to either revert to the previous gold scheme (sounds like a no on that, since they're unifying everything in the suite?) or allow a user preference to override the blue, a la label colors.


                    Aside from that, I actually really like this refreshed UI!  It'll take a little getting used to-- and indeed as folks have mentioned here, the increased overall UI contrast can get a little exhausting-- but I can work with all that provided that I can dial in my own accent color.  Until that change is made, unfortunately I'll be significantly slowed down.


                    Thanks as always to the dev team, Todd Kopriva and the user community for helping AE evolve!

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                      btn_design Level 1

                      Mark - Thanks for taking the notes.  I like the blue, just the contrast is a bit hard to deal with, especially when you go into a menu and it is black type on white.  The back and forth can wreak havoc on the eyes.  Our monitors are 1920 x 1080 and when the type gets scaled down wit this high-contrast, it is difficult to move quickly around.

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                        {KMS} Level 2

                        The flat UI is nice, but the high contrast is killing my eyes.  I think I have to uninstall and revert back to the previous version.  I just can't work efficiently.  The UI is getting in the way of getting stuff done.  Really wanted the new features of PPRO too, but it's a mess too.

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                          clicknsniff Level 1

                          I think the issue myself is the high contrast of the blue and grey. Its looks great in certain areas but terrible in others. Autodesk did this awhile back with 3dsmax (dark grey interface with blue buttons) it was great till the new interface feeling wore off then I switched back to the various colored buttons. that's the exact feeling I have right now.. with no way to change the preference I'm forced to revert back to an old version just to be productive and reduce eye strain. my guess is that the designer did a few items in the blue and someone said that looks awesome make it all blue.. I had this happen to me many times as a designer and its the worst thing to say ok.


                          hope they make an option to have the older interface colors back. I like the flat look though that can stay.

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                            Willie Frazier Level 1

                            Personally, I am fine so far what I called the 'Tronfication' of the UI.  Against the dark background the Cyan and Blue stands out nicely... no real issues with the distinguishability of selected keys either.  What is taking me some getting used to are the monochromatic asset icons, but again not a deal breaker for me.  I think for the most part for those of us seeing for the first time is that something we've been familiar with for so long is suddenly unfamiliar, and the overall comfort level has decreased as a result.  However, I think that's just temporary... we'll get used to it.


                            Having said all of that though, I would point out that blue is the among the harder colors for our eyes to process due to its high frequency, so there definitely is some validity to the concern over eye fatigue when using it over the course of a long day.  I think that, rather than simply fiddle with the colors until you feel it has been dialed in, you should simply add a color picker to the preferences and let folks use the color that works best for them (I was never a big fan of the old school-bus yellow FWIW)

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                              motionaddict Level 1

                              I am really not loving the blue accents in this version. They pull my eye away from my content and towards things that don't matter. I don't really understand why it was necessary? To me, the program should blend in and the project itself should be the focus. Right now it seems like someone got a bit carried away

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                                Willie Frazier Level 1

                                I don't think that is a valid criticism, as it is based really only on the fact that the blue is new and you're not used to it, therefore it distracts you.  Had it always been blue, and they changed it here to yellow/orange, then you would likely find that equally as distracting.  I do agree with you that it doesn't really serve as a functional change, nor does it really qualify as an improvement.  However, a month from now after daily use, while you may not find the color appealing, it certainly will have ceased being a distraction long ago. 

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                                  motionaddict Level 1

                                  That may be, however the contrast of dark grey and bright blue has been pulling my eye away from my composition window and down towards this little divider line surrounding my timeline all day. If that was a conscious choice on their end, kudos, but i honestly don't think any pop color would have been appropriate for this. The tonal separations they used in previous versions blended in perfectly, breaking up all the different windows without looking so dated. Would love a way to at least desaturate the blue along side the brightness slider but thats just like, my opinion, man.

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                                    hqhempen Level 1

                                    If you simply switch from the white attribute text (position) to the blue number read out (960.0),  the text color change to me seems very abrupt.  Blue blends in more with the dark grey, compared to white standing out..

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                                      eWZR Level 1

                                      Is there any way to change this color? Is there an .ini setting I can change?


                                      The new UI color scheme is very uncomfortable. In particular the blue and dark stands out way to much.


                                      It resulted in a headache, and gives me very bad eyestrain when I use AE.


                                      I've always used "lighter" low contrast UI color schemes because it's easier on my eyes. To much contrast causes immediate pain and discomfort.


                                      Due to not having any other option to avoid physical pain, I'm having to install 3rd party UI software to force a more neutral color setting for AE to avoid causing bad eyestrain/headache while working.


                                      Please provide a mechanism to adjust this in user settings.


                                      User's should not have to accept physical discomfort in order to use an application.


                                      Thank you.

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                                        {KMS} Level 2

                                        What software are you using to tame the UI colors?

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                                          Der Kraft Level 1

                                          I like the new UI improvements, but the new blue Highlight-Color is cancer for my eyes and is more distracting than helpful. It would be great to have an option to change this.

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                                            Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                                            At least Adobe hasn't messed up Photoshop!

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                                              Chris2hoch2 Level 1

                                              As mentioned before this is not a minor change it is dramatic, when you staring 12 h a day on a screen that is hurting your eyes.


                                              If i compare it to the very well balanced color scheme of my cinema 4d R16 Interface a few things come in mind.

                                              1. The Contrast of the white typo is to harsh. Make it a touch of grey and it is ok.

                                              2. Because of the complete lost of the tiny bevels (buttons/Menues) the only chance for the ux-designer is to raise contrast. It´s not well done. Way to high. For me flatdesign is not working with greyshades

                                              3. The Flyoutmenues (Mainmenues, but even the Menues in the effects) pop up with a very bright grey (Windows standard). At c4d it is integrated in the color scheme. Looks sweet

                                              4. Give us controll over the different elements of the interface. Some presets and custom controll.


                                              For me the blue labels look fresh (maybe a litle brighter because of the greyshade contrast) but i canot enyoy the color because of the other interface mistakes.


                                              For me it is a bit straining to work with ae these days :-)


                                              PS: Dont like the arrows in the effects menues (2 different, too big)

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                                                Chris|Cousins Level 1

                                                Agree that the colour should be user-defined, or at least come with a couple of themes, so we have some control. The blue is too strong IMO, it affects the whole look of the window, including whatever footage is viewed.


                                                Also many of the asset icons in the project panel are monochrome - even the comps - with no options to change. It makes locating footage, image sequences and comps that much harder, I much prefer the old CC icons in the project list.

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                                                  Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

                                                  I have to join the chorus here...


                                                  I find the colour choices of the new UI a real step backwards.


                                                  * The blue is very hard on the eyes - and less distinct - all at the same time!

                                                  As an example I find the difference between selected and unselected keyframes much less obvious with the blue.


                                                  * I find the overall scheme too dark - I have it ramped up to it's lightest setting currently.


                                                  * Comp icons have gone mono - again less distinct.


                                                  The gold scheme was much better.

                                                  This UI is a major issue when your users are staring at a screen most of the day.

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                                                    hmcindie Level 1

                                                    I agree. What kind off screens are the designers using if they don't get eye strain from looking at this 12 hours a day?

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                                                      Stingray Level 1

                                                      I'm cross posting this info from the Premier thread about the same subject - sorry about that... hope it's useful.


                                                      Instructions for changing the hot text colour in After Effects 2014 on Mac OSX.

                                                      __________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________


                                                      First quit your favourite design and animation program.


                                                      Next in the finder press on the ‘Go’ menu whilst holding down the ‘alt’ key.


                                                      Select ‘Library


                                                      Navigate to ‘Adobe After Effects 13.0 Prefs.txt’ in this location:




                                                      Drag a back up copy of this text file onto your desktop by holding the ‘alt’ key before dragging,


                                                      Open the file in TextEdit and use Edit>Find>Find…


                                                      Type in ‘hot’ and you should find this:


                                                      "Hot Text Color (0xAaRrGgBb)" = "0xffc69100"

                                                        "Hot Text Color Override? (1 or 0)" = 00


                                                      First change the colour override to 01 instead of 00, meaning yes instead of no.


                                                      The last 6 characters are c69100. They simply represent a hex colour value for in this case yellow text (because I’m in AE 2014 with yellow text).


                                                      Change this text to a colour value chosen in Photoshop, something like “00ff4e” for a bright green. Look for the hex values in the colour picker preceded with a # symbol.


                                                      This gives you: "Hot Text Color (0xAaRrGgBb)" = "0xff00ff4e"


                                                      Save the file and restart AE.


                                                      __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________


                                                      This is tested for the release named After Effects CC (2014).


                                                      If you want to change the blue text in the October 2014 release please give this technique a go and tell me if it works!

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                                                        TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

                                                        I too have to say the blue is taxing on the eyes.  As one person said, I rather like blue AS A COLOR compared to yellow, but for the interface it is headache inducing and not in any way useful.  In fact, coupled with the horrendous contrast involved in the keyframing issue, it is bad enough I will not be using the upgrade.  I would go as far to say as, if they do not change it back or allow for it to be user-selectable, than I won't be continuing my CC subscription either.

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                                                          {KMS} Level 2

                                                          Unfortunately, I feel the same way... Trying to figure out if I can live with CS6 again.  The new version of CC is just not usable.  All the features in the world don't make a difference if I can't look at it for any length of time.  I think they got inspiration from mobile apps on this one. Mobile apps designed to be pretty and looked at for a short period.  We need functionality over creating nice looking screenshots of the application.


                                                          On the upside, Encore is still the same .

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                                                            {KMS} Level 2

                                                            The icons are useless now.  They may as well take them out.  Why are they still in color in PPRO but monochromatic in AE?  I just look at the tag color now to determine what's what quickly.

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                                                              TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

                                                              Which icons are you referring to KMS?  (Just curious)  Thanks.

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                                                                Willie Frazier Level 1

                                                                I am astonished at the level of animosity a simple color has created.


                                                                To the development team at Adobe - I will say that it has been statistically shown that a dissatisfied person is more than 10 time more likely to express that disappointment than a person who is pleased or indifferent is to voice their opinion, and that generally, for every 1 person who complains there potentially dozens of perfectly satisfied people who never make their presence known.  The bottom line is that some people are never satisfied, and / or possess an extreme aversion to change.  Threatening to dump an essential suite of software over something so trivial is ludicrous beyond words. 


                                                                I have been using this release extensively since it was issued last week, and have had 0 headaches or difficulties in using the program. In fact, I find the overall cooler temperature of the grays and blues to be rather soothing.  Clearly your UI designers and the majority of the QA and other designers within your walls who have tested this feel similarly.


                                                                All of this to say, I know that in your line of work, ******** and moaning is about all you ever hear, and when someone has worked hard at something, and they are proud of the results, it can be disheartening and frustrating to face such negativity.  So, I just wanted to step up and offer you a little of the opposite.  And, as it has been previously suggested, probably the best way to fix this issue for the less-nimble of your user base is probably to offer user-selecteable color options, so people can up with their own layouts that 'work well for them', as no color you choose at this point is going to make everyone happy.  So, instead of wasting time chasing the dragon, just turn over the keys. 


                                                                Overall, good job guys, and don't let the haters bring you down.

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                                                                  Zavyazkin Level 1

                                                                  I don't appreciate the new blue UI color. New composition icons are difficult to identify. Adobe, please release a small update where you either roll back to the previous look or give us users an option to pick our own color or at least an option to change it to orange. I would not recommend updating to 2014.0.2 since it seems like UI changes is the only noticeable (unfortunate) thing.

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                                                                    {KMS} Level 2

                                                                    The icons in the project panel.  The icons for a composition and an image sequence are so similar they look the same at first glance.  The icons now are just more visual noise.  Luckily, the custom icons (set in my OS) I have for footage and audio are still in color.

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                                                                      TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

                                                                      Willie, "thank you" for your unequivocally insulting and patronizing rant, which provided zero benefit to which I would say most would agree was a very civil, if not reasonable, request to Adobe.  I would think they would be glad to hear such reasonable feedback.


                                                                      Also, I don't recall ANYONE EVER complaining about the yellow accents or keyframes.  (If you could be so kind as to provide a thread, or any other scintilla of evidence to support this, please do.)  So your witless bemoaning of others' clearly PHYSICAL adverse reaction to the color change is instulting and child-like.  You show in incredible dearth of understanding or compassion when it comes to real physical ailments.  This would LITERALLY prevent me (and apparently many others) from using the software for any great length of time.


                                                                      I suggest your save your criticisms of critical talk for something more worthy.

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                                                                        TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

                                                                        Thanks, KMS ... great, there's that to look forward to as well. 

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                                                                          Declan Zimmerman Level 1

                                                                          I would like to second the request to restore the "light" interface option.


                                                                          No doubt it was retired for reasons having to do with complexities of integrating the new 'highlight' text color, but some of us go way back to when AE was originally light. I've tried darker over the years but always return to light as it seems easier on the eyes and feels more relaxing as a work environment.


                                                                          I may be a minority here, but we do spend long days in a room with the interface, and this is like the color of the paint in your office.  My room just went from bright to gloomy.


                                                                          I'm sure I can "get used to it" but I hope Adobe will consider restoring the old brighter interface, at least to AE, if there is enough request.


                                                                          Thanks for considering!

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                                                                            Declan Zimmerman Level 1

                                                                            ewazar wrote "I'm having to install 3rd party UI software to force a more neutral color setting for AE to avoid causing bad eyestrain/headache while working."


                                                                            It would be great if you can post to the community what you are using, thanks!

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                                                                              Willie Frazier Level 1

                                                                              Ahh Timmy... If you're seeing condescension or insults, then that's because it is how you chose to perceive it and is a reflection of your overall negativity as a person.  My only goal here was to play the other side of the coin to make certain that the outcry here wasn't the only voice being represented.  The event that is me expressing my honest opinion is not the issue.  Your response to that event to perceive it as you did led to the outcome of you feeling as you do.  Change your response to the event in question if you wish to have a more favorable outcome.  For example - if my statement had had to do with me bashing your pink hair, your response would likely be. "I don't have pink hair, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about"  Same thing here.  If you think I am full of it - great!  You're allowed to, but addressing it with negativity is not going to make anything better.  If you don't like what I have to say, ignore it and move on.  Your life will be better for it.

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                                                                                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                                                Stop the personal attacks.


                                                                                Any further post containing a personal attack will be deleted.

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                                                                                  Zavyazkin Level 1

                                                                                  Hi, Tod. Is there a way to roll back to the previous version of AE? Is there a link or something? This update really messed my project and the deadline is close. Despite all the unpleasant UI changes I'm getting an error. Internal Verification Failure, Sorry! {unexpected match name searched for in group} (29 :: 0). This project was working fine yesterday before an update. Also when I'm double-click on the footage to reveal it in the footage panel the panel flicker to red color before opening the footage. Does anyone experiencing the same?

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                                                                                    SiliconPixel Level 1

                                                                                    I've had one instance of an 'internal verification error' so far - didn't capture the code though. I was hoping it was a one-off but will raise it as a bug if I see it again.

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                                                                                      JuanPais Level 1

                                                                                      I need the original color scheme, this sky-blue is distracting, and hasn't contrast enough in selected keyframes; is just not working. Back to orange, or at least user selected please.

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