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    How do you export a collection of images with a unique suffix for different images within the collection?


      I have a series of product images that I need to list on my company's website.  The company back-end has a unique SKU for each product.  I have 2 images per product and I am working on batches of products at a time.  I need to have my export be in the order of SKU#_1 and SKU#_2.  (For instance, 35761_1 and 35761_2).  As I said, I am working on batches at a time so I don't want to separate each SKU # into it's own folder and work that way.  Pretty much on a given day I take whatever photos are required, have them stored in one folder, import that folder and perform my edits and corrections, insert my metadata and export.  However, when I try to insert the Sequence #, Image #, or Total # in the Sequence and Date Options, I get the wrong results.  It all puts a # that is the total of what I'm exporting (say 50 images), with suffixes of 21, 22, 23, etc for the exported images.


      To be really clear I will be exporting a mixture of SKU's all in a collection and what each pair of images to export correctly with the corresponding 1 or 2 suffix.  Is this possible?  Any help would greatly appreciated as I left now going to my exports and renaming the images to work correctly with my company's back-end.  Thanks.