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    Indesign master title text box


      I want the positions and paragraph styles of the text boxes used on the master slides to remain the same on each page regardless of the text in the box. As far as i know InD does not do this? Let me explain. I don't think i use InD as commonly used. I use it as a more robust PowerPoint (think MS Paint vs Photoshop). I use it for the flexibility of graphic use and I use A LOT of AI graphics and make interactive PDF presentations, etc. My biggest pet peeve with InD is with page titles. Imagine a title on each page that all have the same paragraph style and specific location. Each page has unique text for the title, but i want the paragraph styles and positions to remain the same or better yet, update as needed later via a master page. Sometimes our presentations will be worked on my multiple people. As as they place text in the tile text block they override the master page text block and hence are allowed to move it inadvertently. When all the sections come back together the page titles are free to bounce around from page to page; albeit very subtly. With a deck of 100+ pages, it takes a significant amount of time to readjust all the page titles again. Which in my mind defeats an important aspect of having masters altogether.


      The best work around is to use Section markers. And they work great up until the title needs a line break and then all goes to poo because section markers don't allow line breaks...


      I wish there was a way to break master text block overrides while keeping format constraints. This is the ONLY feature of PowerPoint that i wished InD did. If someone has a clever work around or better insight, i would be grateful.