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    Final Step on CreateSpace: Rookie Needs to Shrink 83MB PDF to Below 40 MB


      I am a Photoshop novice. A digital artist designed my book's cover; now I need to upload it but can't figure out the right settings. CreateSpace limits PDF size to 40 MB. My PS file right now is 83 MB.


      My current settings are:


      • save settings: the only thing checked is "layers"
      • saved as PDF at "High Quality Print/Modified."
      • compatibility: Acrobat 5
      • "standard": none
      • "Preserve PS editing capability" is checked
      • "Optimize for fast web preview" is checked
      • Compression is set at "High" quality


      Again, I have no idea what I'm doing, but am a good listener.


      Thank you for your assistance.