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    Several search fields.?

    Anti-Girl Level 1
      -im using E4X,
      -I have several search fields and one search button,
      -Result can be anything text/list/datagrid

      i cant get my head around this,
      if the search button calls a method onclick

      then i can easily do etc==input.text and return the XMLList
      but how is this possible by taking other fields into account ?

      should i use AND / OR operands?

        • 1. Several search fields.?
          Anti-Girl Level 1

          works BUT requires in put in second field aswell, anyway to make it so it matches first OR second or together
          cant use "logical OR" as it accepts different fore/sur names
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            Anti-Girl Level 1
            I used logical && to make sure first name and last both matched
            but used if else statements to over come the problem of just returning
            result if only one field was used.

            My problem now is that i will need to find result according to the combo box
            EG: if theres a user "KEN" between 1700 - 1740

            is there any way to do this? can someone point me at the right direction?

            i could use .isSelected and make the if/else statement bigger but i will have another combo box with city !!!!