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    Cannot enable Adobe Flash Player


      I have Windows 8.1 64-bit with Internet Explorer 11. I am trying to get the flash player working, but not of the expert's videos or tips seem to work. I have installed,  enabled the flash player through the "manage add-ons", inactivated ActiveX, but the Adobe website says that I still need to enable my flash player. How can I get it working? I have also uninstalled any Adobe products I have and reinstalled them. Also, with Internet Explorer 11, it very inconveniently says that I am up to date on any adobe flash players and it will not allow me to install the flash player. Help please

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Microsoft embeds Flash Player in Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x and it cannot be installed separately on this OS.  The only Flash Player that can be installed on Windows 8.x is the Plugin for non-IE browsers.


          Aside from enabling Flash Player in the browser, have you tried the other two troubleshooting steps listed here, Flash Player Issues | Windows 8?


          When you go to this page, Adobe - Flash Player do you see the Flash animation at the top of the page? If so, what version is detected as being installed in the 'Version Information' widget?  The latest Flash Player version for IE is  If that's not the version listed, please run Windows Update to get the latest version of Internet Explorer or use the link at the bottom of the Flash Player Issues | Windows 8 page.